"I have always painted dogs and pets as well as many other things. It’s the deep expression and lust for life which dogs have, that inspires me to paint dogs in particular over and over again."



Do It For Love

bespoke dog portrait Lancashire

There are many reasons why people choose have their dogs painted, but above all the one true reason is love. With the joy they bring you each day; capturing that moment of your beloved dog, I want to bring that love into every painting i create. A portrait is the ultimate memory to treasure. My pet portraits are produced in the finest oil paints and framed in luxurious hardwood. You can be reassured my contemporary dog portraits will stay vibrant and last for many years to come.
I work mainly around Lancashire, Cumbria, Merseyside, Cheshire and Yorkshire in the North of England. I also paint dogs and pets to customers across the rest of the UK and Europe. Working from photos is the preferred option especially where long distance customers require a painting of their dog.

The Perfect Gift

North West, Lancashire canine artwork

It doesn't come as any surprise that Christmas is a popular time for artists to create dog and pet portraits. It is also a difficult time to fit all those jobs into a short timeframe too. If you are planning a painting for your dog, always make sure you give plenty of notice. Alternatively, I offer a gift voucher service which is also a great alternative.

The Human - Canine Bond

professional dog painting near Preston

Anyone who owns a dog is familiar with "the gaze"; that hypnotic stare that demands reciprocation. It can seem to hold a world of mystery and longing. After some research I discovered that the look of mutual recognition between human and canine reflects thousands of years of evolution, a bond programmed into our very own body chemistry. It was recently discovered that both species release the hormone oxytocin when they look into each other's eyes, the same hormone released when a mother beholds her baby. It seems that for dogs where humans are concerned, eyes really are windows to the soul.

My dog portraits are focused around painting eyes; to capture that unique engaging look will make the most rewarding artwork. I paint the eyes almost photo-realistic and balance the rest of the composition with a looser and artistic approach. The goal is a beautifully crafted piece of artwork and your dog portrait to be the centre of many conversations to come.